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☆ Hyunbin-a-day ☆
~ where Hyunbin lovers unite ~
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26th-Sep-2008 12:54 pm - o16. September 26, 2008
minho - sex ♥

hello everyone!! *waves* does anyone still remember this comm? LOL im soo sorry for being such a bad mod...i have been pretty busy lately with university so i havent updated much at all. IM VERY VERY SORRY T_T

um so yesterday was hyun bin's 26th birthday..im very sorry for not posting anything but i came home really late last night and i had other things to do D: so heres a picspam to celebrate his 26th birthday! ^_^

clickie :)Collapse )

^___^ i hope everyone enjoyed that! :) once again, sorry for being such a bad mod T____T i hope this will be enough to make you guys happy! hehe anyways gotta run back to class now :) byebye!
24th-Aug-2008 11:20 pm - o15. August 24, 2008
minho - sex ♥

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh gad.

23rd-Aug-2008 06:22 pm - 014. August 23, 2008
OOH bit of a late post! >< 

22nd-Aug-2008 12:21 am - o13. August 22, 2008
minho - sex ♥

*fails* sorry for being late again~ heres two pics to make up for the lateness!

21st-Aug-2008 12:23 am - 012. August 21, 2008
[click pic for larger image]

Caught you eating~~ xDDD *grabs bowl*
20th-Aug-2008 04:25 pm - -011. August 18/19/20, 2008
ACKKKK!!! Sorry guys!! Both of us were sorta busy for the past few days so we couldn't post anything! Anyway, I *think* we didn't post pictures for the last 3 days so here's 3 pics under the cut~ xD

16th-Aug-2008 10:51 pm - o10. August 16, 2008
minho - sex ♥
*gasps* im late today~ because i was uploading some stuffs~

(click for bigger size)

thanks to shikariifor sharing this pic with me!
16th-Aug-2008 12:04 am - 009. August 16, 2008

[click image for larger pic]


14th-Aug-2008 11:49 pm - 008. August 15, 2008

[click pic for a bigger image!]

POUTY HYUNBIN XDDDDDDDD Isn't he adorable?! =D

13th-Aug-2008 10:33 pm - oo7. august 13, 2008
minho - sex ♥
aah~ i dont know where lavi (shikarii ) went so im posting for her today~

mmmm ♥♥♥~!!
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